Christopher Krusberg

About Me

I am Christopher Lau Krusberg, a professional photographer capable of covering weddings, portraits, sporting events, parties, and much more. I have been working along side my father, Anders Krusberg who is a professional commercial and photojournalist photographer with over 25 years of experience, for over the last year. He has guided, helped, and inspired me tremendously, for I have now found myself in love with the art that is photography. Ever since discovering this passion, I have had the opportunity to assist him as a second photographer during weddings, TV Productions, and more.

I was given an opportunity early in 2017 to work with my current high school, Passaic Valley High School, as their photographer. It has been an absolutely amazing experience covering many sporting events, any theatrical plays, and the highly coveted event, Girls' Show. Working with the school has helped give me a great level confidence and especially versatility; for I have had to cover many events with very various levels of intensity and different necessary skills to maintain a certain quality of work acceptable for me. 

Quite honestly, I have become entranced with the art that is photography. It is truly something that I intend to make a successful career out of and is something that I will dedicate my life to. Being behind the camera and having the opportunity to capture some excited, gritty, electrifying, or beautiful moments is just something I love to do. Any and every photoshoot I may have planned, I always look forward to with excitement. Whether it may be a lovely wedding, an intense basketball game, or just a day wondering New York street shooting with friends, I always look forward to the next photoshoot I have.